34 Sports Games - World Edition (Switch)


Maximum Games Ltd

34 Sports Games – World Edition is the ultimate game that brings together 34 different sports in one game! Challenge your family or friends and may the best player win!

Choose your game style: Quick match or tournament? Compete or play together in the stadium!

Discover a multitude of games: whether you love football, basketball, weightlifting, trampoline, archery, or even bowling, you'll find all your favourite sports here!

Defend your country and travel around the globe! Choose a country and compete to get new world records!

As you progress in the game, you'll have the chance to unlock new costumes for your characters.

Ready to showcase your skills and take on all the challenges? Then, get started and become the champion!

34 Sports Games – World Edition

Key Features:


  • Enter the stadium and take part of one of the biggest competitions across 34 sports: from swimming, soccer, extreme bike, weightlifting, trampoline and much more!
  • Defend your own country and visit the World: United States, Australia, Japan, France…
  • Train yourself alone or compete with your friends!
  • An enhanced version of “30 Sport Games in 1”, with revamped design, new games and more customisation!