Castaway Paradise (CIAB)



  • Fun activities - spend your days doing fun activities, such as catching bugs and fishing. Try to catch the biggest fish and complete your collection!
  • farm your own home-grown fresh crops - rake the ground, plant the seeds and give them some water. You can also Decorate your island with beautiful plants and flowers or grow fruit trees.
  • create your outfit - Endlessly combine outfits, hats, dresses, shoes and other clothing to show your personality, or create a Funky outfit just for the laughs!
  • Decorate your island - After the Storm, the island needs some renovations! You can place items from loads of different theme packs and make the island your very own Paradise!
  • help the villagers out - befriend the quirky villagers and help them by doing quests. They will reward you with great gifts! You can also just chat with them to get to know them better.
  • enjoy the seasons and holidays - throughout the year, special events and holidays will occur like Christmas and Halloween. Experience the seasons on the island and Decorate your Paradise for the Season!