Into The Dead 2


U&I Entertainment

  • 60 story levels spread across 7 chapters-each containing special challenges to complete.
  • 3 different endings to discover.
  • 8 loyal animal companions-from lovable dogs to ferocious tigers, these companions aide you in battle, level up, and come with special abilities.
  • 25 unique weapons across 8 classes-each with up to 7 different boosts to equip.
  • Side Stories-36 additional levels expand the story with unique environments, weapons, and companions.
  • Arcade Mode Missions-defeat the undead with each weapon and aim for high scores to unlock the next challenge.
  • The all-new sawblade launcher weapon and bear companion give you the maiming power to keep you moving.
  • Includes the officially licensed "George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead" and "Ghostbusters" expansions.
  • HD Rumble, Joy-Con, and Pro Controller support.