PlayStation VR Starter Pack

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Through stunning visuals, 3D audio and intuitive controls, PlayStation®VR players live out their most epic gaming dreams – from high-octane racing and battling dragons, to exploring deep space and coming face-to-face with nerve-shredding horror. Jump into over 100 breathtaking virtual reality games and experiences with PlayStation®VR.

Now with everything you need to get started in one box – PlayStation®VR Headset, PlayStation®Camera and PlayStation® VR Worlds. Just connect to your PS4 or PS4 Pro to begin your VR experience.

Starter Kit Includes

  • VR Headset
  • PlayStation®Camera
  • PlayStation® VR Worlds PlayStation™Store voucher code*
  • Processor unit
  • AC adaptor
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI™ cable
  • USB cable
  • Stereo headphones
  • Earpieces
  • Printed materials
  • Cleaning cloth

*voucher code inside; Sony Entertainment Network account required; full terms apply

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro, PlayStation®VR is simple to set up and use.
  • Just connect the headset to your console, add a PlayStation®Camera and then jump into new and exciting virtual reality worlds.
  • 360° VISION: Absorb every second of the action, whichever way you turn, through a custom 5.7’ OLED screen with smooth visuals and super low latency.
  • 3D AUDIO: Hear every approaching footstep or distant scream with pinpoint accuracy through cutting-edge surround sound.
  • INTUITIVE CONTROLS: A complete tracking system follows every movement of your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, PlayStation®Move motion controller or PlayStation®VR aim controller to totally immerse you in new virtual worlds. 
  • BUILT TO IMMERSE: Headphones connect directly to the headset and a single cable connects the headset to your PS VR, to keep your playing experience tangle-free.


  • A host of blockbuster titles are available for PlayStation®VR – with more coming soon.
  • Step into a house of horror and escape true terror in RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard.
  • Become the Batman and put your detective skills to the test in Batman: Arkham VR.
  • Lay waste to everything in sight to stop a demon invasion in DOOM VFR.
  • Hear your engine roar as you race the fastest cars on the fastest tracks in Gran Turismo® Sport.
  • Battle mystical dragons as you explore the sprawling magical fantasy realm of Skyrim VR.


Go beyond gaming and discover new experiences, movies and videos.

Swing into action with Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience; feel the terror of The Upside Down in Netflix’s Stranger Things VR Experience; hear the call of the wild in Virry; scale the world’s highest mountain in Everest; explore the dawn of life with David Attenborough’s First Life VR; and enjoy a personal recital by a renowned violinist in Joshua Bell VR Experience.


Enhance the experience with PS VR peripherals.

A range of PlayStation®VR peripherals immerses players even deeper into the action, enhancing their play and giving them complete control in virtual reality games and experiences.

PlayStation®VR aim controller

Discover a new level of intense action with the intuitive controller built for PS VR shooters. Move through an expanding range of compatible games armed with an arsenal of DUALSHOCK®4 controls*– all built into an ergonomic left or right handed design. Take aim. Take control.

*Touch pad gestures not supported. Speaker and headset jack not included.

Open fire in compatible games including Farpoint, Bravo Team, DOOM VFR and Arizona Sunshine.

PlayStation®Move motion controllers (twin pack)

Reach further into the exciting world of PlayStation®VR and discover new experiences in a huge range of PlayStation®Move compatible games. Motion controllers can become anything from weapons to your own virtual hands – deeply immersing you in your surroundings with intuitive controls, vibration feedback and built-in rechargeable battery.

Explore compatible games including The Inpatient, SUPERHOT VR and Star Trek Bridge Crew.

DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller

Most PlayStation®VR games are compatible with the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller. The PlayStation®Camera constantly tracks your headset and compatible controllers to fully ground you in your virtual surroundings.

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