Pro Farmer Cattle And Crops


Toplitz Productions Gmbh

  • Realistic simulation: highly detailed machines, realistic harvesting techniques, original sounds and detailed vehicle physics offer you a captivating gaming experience!
  • Long-term play fun: experience the varied everyday life of a farmer. You have the choice between story mode or a free game. Additionally, there are tutorial missions to familiarize you with the simulation.
  • Management + Ki workers: hire employees to Dig the fields for you or assist you live with the chopping. You can create tasks using the calendar and watch your Helpers at work, or you can do it yourself. Cattle and crops offers a complex system of Helpers, and the drivers also make sure that the harvest is not damaged.
  • Dynamic terrain: cleverly avoid unnecessary lanes in the field to keep soil compaction to a minimum so that plants in loose fluffy soil can spread their roots for the highest possible yield.
  • Living vegetation: make sure that your plants don.
  • Dynamic weather system: check the weather forecast, get the crop in on time and try not to get stuck in mud when it rains.
  • Brand variety: Cattle and crops offers numerous brands from well-known industry Giants such as claas, köckerling, lemken, Mercedes-Benz and others.
  • Wide modding: expand the game with your own vehicles, attachments and maps. We deliver all necessary tools directly with the game.