Tekken 7 Legendary Edition


Bandai Namco

Iconic characters from the series return in a new package version!

The legendary edition includes the base game and 8 additional DLC characters from the series.
New Tekken 7 players will enjoy 36 characters from the original base game and 8 returning characters* from previous Tekken games. Players will also benefit from all the latest balance updates and free post-launch content released so far in Tekken 7.
If you don’t have Tekken 7 yet in your game library, it’s time to join the fray and experience the iconic fighting game franchise and its epic cinematic story mode!

All fights are personal.

*Julia Chang, Lei Wulong, Craig Marduk, Anna Williams, Zafina, Ganryu, Armor King and Kunimitsu. The last two are new characters based on the previous ones originally released in Tekken 1.