Total Warhammer III Limited Edition

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  • The Limited Edition set comes with:

- Limited Edition Embossed Metal Case

- Double-sided poster featuring the WARHAMMER III campaign map and cover art

- Chaos Icons sticker sheet

- Ogre Kingdoms Race Pack

  • Total War: Warhammer III is a mixture of turn-based strategy games and real-time battles, in which you command entire armies of fighters and creatures. 
  • The universe of Warhammer is on the brink: experience a completely new campaign in the corrupted Chaos Dimension and plunge the world into disaster, or save it from its worst demons - only to subjugate them yourself! 
  • Total War: Warhammer III brings you more factions than ever before right from the start: The six factions play completely differently and have unique structures, mechanics, units and spells. 
  • With four Chaos deities, you can choose from the following factions: Nurgle - God of Pestilence, Tzeentch - God of Witchcraft, Slaanesh - God of Excess, and Khorne - God of War. 
  • With the Kislev faction, you now have the opportunity to control the warriors from the icy north yourself for the first time. With the last faction, the Far Eastern Cathayans, you get a completely new and rather unknown faction of the Warhammer universe. 
  • Command huge armies in strategic real-time battles while you maintain diplomacy, expand your economy or explore the mysterious world on the turn-based campaign map.
  • Play the single-player campaign or experience it with your friends in cooperative mode. Challenge human players in online mode or hold quick skirmishes.