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An Action RPG packed with humor, magic and singular characters. Get ready to meet the definitive anti-hero and the troop that will join him in this ambitious adventure.

Another Action RPG? Well, Zenith will be many things, but among them is not a common release. This delirious adventure will take you to a peculiar kingdom of magic, with orcs that are morons, clumsy wizards, hero apprentices with little tolerance, a political plot of the highest level and giant spiders that sings opera.

You are Argus Windell, a pretty good wizard, an Arcanologyst destined to occupy the highest positions in his order... if it weren't for the fact that he is a scoundrel who only seeks his own benefit. Accompanied by his two best comrades, as unethical as he is, Argus will embark on the most dangerous adventure of his life, one that could endanger the survival of men, elves, dragons and a few secondary characters inspired by the most famous heroes in RPG history.