Baby Shark™: Sing & Swim Party (Switch)

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Bandai Namco

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Swim across the wide waters with the Shark Family to enjoy the Fin-tastic Festival where you can watch performers sing, dance, and rock! Baby Shark: Sing & Swim Party.

 Sing and swim to fin-omenal songs from original videos including Baby Shark Dance and more.

Journey through iconic ocean locations, like Tropical Bay, Ocean City, and more.

 Choose from five customisable playable characters! Play your way with either runner or rhythmic modes and get rewarded with tons of musical cards that can be added to your album.

 Are you ready to journey across the amazing sea? Jaw-some, let’s go!


  • Help the Shark Family: Swim through iconic ocean locations and get them to the greatest festival.
  • Collect Stars: Dodge obstacles or tap to the rhythm of the music to earn points.
  • Family Play: Play with your family and friends with local 4 player co-op.
  • Swim and Sing: Sing and dance along to jaw-some songs like Baby Shark, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo.