Avatar - Frontiers of Pandora (XSX)



A stand-alone adventure set within the Avatar universe, you will explore and protect a never-before-seen continent of Pandora: the Western Frontier in first-person. Your Na'vi character is customizable with options including different body types, voices and body paint, and like you, your character will learn how to be a Na'vi, including how to harness your formidable strength and agility while traversing through the stunning and dangerous open world. Add to that your knowledge of humans, their weapons and technology from years of RDA training, and you are uniquely equipped to combat the RDA and protect Pandora. 


There are many ways you can defend yourself against the RDA and the Western Frontier's plethora of dangers. You will have access to human weapons, such as assault rifle or shotgun, and stealthier, more precise traditional Na'vi weapons such as a bow and spear thrower. As you push back against the RDA, the environment gradually heals, giving you access to new and valuable resources which enables you to craft the best gear and weapons for your playstyle. You'll also take to the skies with your own customizable companion banshee - or ikran, where you'll engage in high-speed aerial combat, and soar across the vast Western Frontier. 


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has been exclusively developed to maximize the power of new-gen consoles and PC, with stunning levels of detail, rendering, density, and immersive audio. The game will also have a number of accessibility options at launch, such as control remapping, subtitles and subtitle size adjustments, and colour-blind modes. Your adventure can also be shared: play Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora either in single-player, or two-player online co-op.


Additionally, PlayStation players will exclusively get the free cosmetic Aranahe Warrior Pack unlockable content. You can also pre-order the different editions of the game: Standard, Collector's, Ultimate, Gold, which give you even more content in your quest to protect Pandora. Upon pre-ordering, you will receive a "Child of Two Worlds" pre-order bonus with a character cosmetic set and a weapon skin. To pre-order the Standard, Gold or Ultimate editions, please visit store.ubisoft.com. Players can also subscribe to Ubisoft+ on PC via Ubisoft Connect, Xbox and Amazon Luna to get the game on Day One.