Donkey Kong Country Returns HD (Switch)

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Jump, roll, and stomp through Donkey Kong Island in this 2D platforming adventure.

 Help Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong recover their precious banana hoard from the villainous Tiki Tak Tribe in Donkey Kong Country Returns HD for Nintendo Switch! Stomp enemies, blast through barrels, and ride rockets and mine carts (and even Rambi the rhino) in 80 levels across nine worlds.

 Play the game as it was first designed for Wii, or reduce the difficulty for extra hearts and other goodies to make your journey a little easier. This barrel-blasting adventure is visually enhanced in HD for Nintendo Switch and includes the extra levels from the Nintendo 3DS version.

 Team up with a friend and take on the whole game as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

 Pass a Joy-Con controller to a buddy and take on the Tiki Tak Tribe as DK and Diddy in two-player local play. Pelt foes with Diddy’s Peanut Popgun and hover using his Barrel Jet, and slam bad guys into submission with DK’s Ground Pound – or just Barrel Roll right through them. Work together to reclaim those bananas by the bunch!