Super Mario Party Jamboree (Switch)

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Join the latest Mario Party for a jamboree of seven boards and over 110 minigames!

Get ready for the biggest party yet in Super Mario Party Jamboree for Nintendo Switch. From running through merry-go-rounds to motion-control minigolf, this jamboree is jam-packed with over 110 minigames – the most of any Mario Party game to date!

With seven boards in all, you can go with the flow in Goomba Lagoon, search for stars in Rainbow Galleria, revisit the classics of Western Land and Mario’s Rainbow Castle from past titles and more.

Race across the party board in Koopathlon, a series-first 20-player online competition to see who can rack up the highest scores in minigames like the fast-paced Lane Change. The higher your score in each round, the faster you’ll get to the goal. Koopathlon is just one of a slew of additional modes – there’s something for every kind of Mario Party player to enjoy.