Psionics, Aliens and Katanas: Scarlet Nexus Review

Electric TravelsJun 21, '21

The city of New Himuka has been invaded by a formidable extra-terrestrial opponent ominously referred to as the ‘Others’, a species with a voracious appetite for Human brain. They sporadically rain down from the skies with one intent: to feed. A task force of elite warriors known as the OSF, the Other Suppression Force, has been assembled in order to strike blows to the unwelcome visitors; we are introduced to two such members, a new recruit named Yuito Sumeragi and a veteran soldier named Kasane Randall. I wouldn’t want to mess with either.

Metro Exodus: The Game That Has Gamers Flocking To It

Electric TravelsJun 18, '21

A momentous day is upon us: the 18th June 2021, the release of the acclaimed Metro Exodus game on the next gen consoles, Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5. If you happened to miss Metro Exodus over the past few years since its February 2019 release, you absolutely must try...

Battlefield 2042 Game Analysis

Electric TravelsJun 11, '21

Battlefield 2042 Game Trailer Analysis:  Almost two decades on from the first Battlefield game instalment Battlefield 1942, released in 2002, we are transported a century to the futuristic, technologically invigorating and chaotic atmosphere that Battlefield 2042 has to offer; a world far removed from years past. Following the somewhat timid...